The combination of wood, rocks and absorbent material gives the Live room a great sound with bags of character, yielding the impression of a much bigger space!  It houses a beautiful sounding Yamaha U3 upright piano and it's great for achieving a very tight and punchy drum sound! A good selection of microphones paired with a great recording chain (see equipment) will captured your sound with top quality, making it an ideal environment for writing, production and recording. The clear line of sight between the rooms contribuites to the ergonomic of the studio and to the comunication between the artist and the engineer. The natural light coming from both windows hugely helps to keep a fresh mind during those long sessions!


The Control room design gives a precise mixing environment (read more), an essential 'tool' to make informed decisions when balancing and processing sounds. We have the experience, the creative flair as well as a good selection of outboard and software processors, providing the tools to forge great sounding mixes.

We do love experimenting with sounds that can tell a story and always encourage the research for uniqueness and go the extra mile to make your production stand out from the crowd, but we are equally at home in capturing and reproducing clear and unaltered soundscapes.



This service offers the same mixing results with your tracks getting the same full attention they deserve.
This flexible option has been designed for clients who cannot attend a mix session and perhaps are in the other side of the planet, but who still require a professional mix studio and engineer.

All you need to do is send your audio files to us along with any production notes and at least one reference track,  and when the mix is complete you will receive the mix stereo file. You can find a detailed guideline on how to submit the tracks to us here.


We work in close partnership with several songwriters, composers, session musicians and beat makers, with a vast range of experience in writing for music, films and television which means they are instantly at home with a range of musical styles. From a classical composition to a pop arrangement, a jazz vibe to a boom bap beat, or a reggae riddim to a folk song we have the resources to build the backbone for your productions.

So when you need something truly original and individual to set your music apart, let us compose a bespoke music to give your project the weight it deserves.



Whether it's a film or a computer animation, a corporate video or a TV advertisement, the right treatment in audio post-production can make all the difference.

We provide recording to picture for Voice Over, Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Sound Effects and Foley.

We also offer the final Audio-to-Picture Dubbing mix, where the recorded dialogue, ADRs, atmos and sound effects, music and narration are mixed together into the final audio to be synchronised with the video sequence.


Ciyo Brown  -  I have had the benefit of working with Engineer and Producer Simone Filiali at the amazing Slipway Studio for some time now. The facilities and sound quality of the studio are of the highest order. I recorded my new album, 'Can We Pretend' at Slipway Studio. The mantra for this particular album project is 'Vocal Excursions With a Tinge of Guitar' and is mainly a vocal album with a smaller element of Guitar work. It was therefore, important to ensure that the vocals stood out in the mixes in terms of projection and sonic quality. I am 100% happy with the vocal sound and the overall sonic qualities that come from this studio. Simone's skills as an engineer are second to none. This, together with his delivery of excellent customer service and high professional standards make it an easy option for any recording artist to use Slipway Studio. I am one happy customer! Ciyo Brown - Guitarist, Recording Artist and Musical Director

Harin Perera  -  I have been to many studios as a Singer/Songwriter, Musician, but Slipway stands out far above everyone. It is situated in extremely relaxing & beautiful surroundings to begin with. The interior and the equipment are sheer class & Simone is one of the friendliest & most fantastic engineers I have ever met. He is so focused on the project he undertakes that he really gets the best out of the artist. I went there to record vocals and do some mixes. Simone's knowledge & expertise is a cut above the rest!!! The sound he can create and get is second to none & I came out with the most fantastic recording I have done to date. Will definitely be going back there to record some more songs & even record an album! All this at a great price too!!!!

Gidon Shikler  -  King Simo is a top engineer and Dub savant. We have worked together on a couple projects now and his work is always of the highest caliber. Communication is always clear and prompt, and he is able to tailor the sound to your needs. Wether it's mixing a song from abroad (I currently live in Los Angeles) or engineering and producing an EP, I highly recommend his services as I feel he is a rare gem that needs to be shared. I cannot speak highly enough of his work, personality and professionalism. I look forward to the next collaboration!

Stephen Harris  -  I'm a reggae musician and singer and I would describe my experiences at Slipway Studio as superlative. As a singer I would say that I have recorded the best performances of my life in that room. Of course, it's not just the room itself, though it is a comfortable and relaxing one; it's the presence of Simone Filiali, the engineer, or in my case, producer. Simone has an extremely sensitive ear, a calm and encouraging manner, and an uncanny talent for getting your best possible performance, without making you feel under pressure in any way.
I've taken some very successful musicians and singers to record at Slipway, and without exception, they can't wait to go back!

Think System  -  Simone did a fabulous job in turning the tracks for our new album, which were very dense, having been repeatedly worked and re-worked, into beautifully clear and coherent mixes, including new recordings of solo violin, played by the wonderful Kamila Bydlowska. The finished album, Living Life Backwards by Think System, is now available online at Spotify, iTunes, etc., and we couldn't be happier with the final result. Thanks to Slipway Studios and thanks to Simone!

Godfrey Wang  -  We have just finished recording and mixing a couple of songs at Slipway Studio and had the pleasure of working with its owner Simone who was highly professional and most accommodating as well as having good taste and big ears. All in all, great vibe, great sounds, great studio and top-pro recording and mixing engineer. Will definitely revisit.

Sonny Charles  -  I’ve been coming to Slipway Studios for a few months now and have really enjoyed my time working with Simone. He listens to your ideas and ensures that you are producing your desired sound. He’s patient with the process and a wizard at mixing. I genuinely feel satisfied every time I leave the studio, would 100% recommend.

Caroline McCarthy  -  Slipway is a studio fit for musicians on the global stage. The equipment there is perfect for recording live instruments and mixing them with today's cutting edge technologies. It's beautiful, run well, unpretentious and a great sounding board for getting the best out of your writing. I call the resident engineer Bat Ears, because Simone picks up on the tiniest errors in pitch and sound for me to correct, which is what I need most when recording. I've seen him coax brilliant performances out of a wide range of artists, so long as you listen to him, of course. He is an experienced arranger in spirit, and can produce too. I think you'll go a long way to find better, not to mention better value for money.

Ruben Kenton-Harris  -  My band recently recorded at Slipway Studios and we couldn’t recommend it enough. Simone is a top quality engineer who has an incredible eye and ear for detail, brilliant technical skills and is an absolute pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for a professional studio where you can get things done in a calm and efficient environment, look no further than Slipway!

A.D.A.M music  -  I've recorded many times at Slipway and it's always been an enjoyable experience. The studio's a great setup, overall the perfect place to record. Simone's also a pleasure to work with! He expertly mixed and mastered my upcoming project. Always open to ideas, happy to experiment and communicates well throughout the process. I'll definitely be back again soon!

Heights Up The Light Music  -  Simone is definitely the man for the job, an outstanding professionalism and sensitivity that will make your project unique and of very high quality. In addition to his talent, Simone has exceptional interpersonal skills. Don't hesitate, go for it.

Ivor Game  -  Slipway Studio is a great find. I've very much enjoyed working with Simone who runs it. He is very musical, quick, calm and very helpful. He seemed to know exactly what I was trying to achieve and created some really good results. The rates are generous and it is located just slightly west of London, in a peaceful setting, which makes for an extra special relaxing experience.

Samu’el Music  -  I have been working on some singles/EP with Simone. We're 5 months in and it's been a fantastic experience thus far. Very good studio space and equipment, as well as quality recording, mixing and mastering from the man himself.

Gabrielle Ducomble  -  I have just been working at Slipway Studio with Simone on my 3rd album and I am so happy that a couple of musicians recommended me this studio. It was everything i was looking for, Simone is super professional, I love his way of working, fast and precise, a strong attention to details, and all in a relaxed vibe. He made the whole process of editing/mixing really easy and I am so happy about the result. The studio is very nice and I am looking forward to be recording there one day. Definitely recommend this place!

Sak Shariff  -  I used Slipway to compose and produce the music for a BBC documentary recently. The studio is a comfortable and relaxed environment to work in. The control room, which Simone the owner designed and built himself, is finely tuned and the main speakers are very accurate. This enabled me to produce broadcast quality mixes right off the bat. If you're looking for a place to produce serious, quality work this is definitely the place to go.

Lorenza Brock  -  Great recording studio! It's big and spacious, it offers some of the latest and best recording equipment on the market and the acoustic is phenomenal (check out the website to see how the recording studio was built, it's amazing, no wonder the acoustic is so good!). Very relaxed yet professional atmosphere with the best audio engineer and producer at hand. I have worked in many studios in London including central London and I must say, this is my favorite! 100% recommend this place. I am a professional singer/songwriter and I am already looking forward to being back.

Christopher Stalin  -  This the best Studio ever I came across in London so far. The audio engineer knows what he does. Very calm, nice recording space and equipments. I would give 100% guarantee for the studio and well organised audio engineer work. Will get the work completed on the agreed timeline. Great Joy to work with Slipway Studio.

Andrew "Spirit Fingers" Young  -  It was an amazing experience great vibes and great energy I would recommend whoever wants to do recordings at this studio

Rowan Murphy  -  Simone and Carina are very helpful and easy to contact. They will open early/stay open late if needed to meet clients needs. The studio itself is fantastic and has good facilities and equipment. Simone does a great job on the mixing and mastering and I have been happy with everything I’ve recorded at Slipway! Would highly recommend.

Paul Healey  -  Great studio and Simone is a great guy who really knows his stuff. It woz an absolute pleasure to record my first album - Medication for da Soul - at Slipway. Hope it won't be my last. Many thanx for helping me with da process Simone.

Sasa Pupezin  -  Fantastic working environment. Simone is amazing and patient even with old school guy as I am. Started recording of the album and looking forward for more work. Highly recommended

Clarisheets  -  Simone and Carina were wonderful and so welcoming. I can heartily recommend this studio! I was recording some clarinet trios and it went so smoothly :) Thank you for such great service!

Pete Hamilton  -  Simone is a friendly, helpful, professional and experienced sound engineer. His studio is well equipped and a pleasant environment to work in.

Ellen Plumridge  -  Wonderful session covering voice overs / lip syncing with Simone. He was very professional, very quick, and very accurate. His knowledge is extensive. Carina was our contact and she is extremely helpful. Both Carina and Simone are friendly and welcoming, with a lovely studio. We are using them again next year.

Amanda Randall  -  Great studio to work in. Simone is a top class and talented engineer. The studio is well equipped, the attention to detail is first class and the rates are extremely reasonable. I am very happy with the recordings and mixes of my songs. I highly recommend this studio and will definitely be back.

Steve Harrison  -  I have used slipway studio on numerous occasions now. It is a great environment for recording. The facilities are excellent and the engineer Simone is professional and sensitive to the needs of the musicians. I would recommend Slipway Studios highly.

Elena Fedorenko  -  I absolutely can recommend the Slipway Studio! High standard professional sound engineer, quite place and nice atmosphere. In addition, the price is fair, you can book even one hour which was a very important aspect for me. And there is a nice Yamaha piano inside. Thanks a lot. I will definitely recommend my friends this studio!

Tobyn Smith  -  Very pleasant and enjoyable time in the studio. Enjoyed every moment of it. Kudos to the Slipway Studio team!

RMC The Ramshackle Music Collective  -  The environment is utterly conducive to bringing the best out of the musicians. The producer is second to none; a creative engineer, as well as a technically formidable one. No hesitation in recommending.

Rohan Gill  -  I have had a few sessions with Simone. He puts his best into every single one and would recommend his services to anyone.

Stephen Addai  -  Great studio space! Simone has always been helpful and patient whilst recording. Would definitely recommend!!

Rose Bates  -  Lovely local studio! Great rates and relaxed atmosphere. Definitely would recommend.

Andrew Hebron  -  Simone has provided a great mixing service for a couple of home recording rank amateurs, turning some very sketchy tracks into a well mixed song with some professional tricks thrown in for good measure. The transformation was miraculous. A cost effective mixing / mastering option for the amateur musician.


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